Get up to Speed with STEM is an event, led by The Work-wise Foundation, which aims to showcase STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) related careers to young people and offers the opportunity for businesses from across the country to engage with the next generation and each other.


This annual event is designed for young people, their families and teachers to see some of the UK’s best innovations first hand, hear from and talk to those involved in their success and learn about the future of the sector and its evolution through technology.


The event gives companies the opportunity to showcase their business, network with other businesses and engage with the future workforce whilst helping to address the skills gap in STEM-related industries..

Get up to Speed has now been attended by over 30,000 people in the past 11 years, around 80% of whom were young people, families and teachers, interested in the STEM agenda. Companies and apprentices were also out in force sharing information on their businesses and career stories.

These included Liberty Speciality Steel, McLaren Automotive, AESSEAL, Rolls-Royce, Doncasters Bramah and Mazak. Attractions and interactive learning activities have included the National Space Centre, Lunar Base, Bloodhound SSC, Vestas World Record Sail Rocket, F1 Car and Simulator, Vulcan to the Sky, Rolls-Royce Jet Engine, Virtual Welding, WMG World First F3 Car plus many more…

There is also the chance to try your hand at a range of STEM-related activities. These have included racing in a Formula 1 simulator, learning how to build a rocket, exploring the solar system in VR and learning more about how design and engineering play a part in many different aspects of life, from food manufacturing to football and more!

The past years’ events have been a chance for visitors to see some of the fastest vehicles, innovations and people on earth all in one place, and see how they are influenced by Science, Technology, Engineering and Manufacturing in the Sheffield City Region and wider United Kingdom.

Attendees have learnt about how their success has been achieved and the fundamental role that design, science and technology have played in that success. You’ll be surprised just how many of these couldn’t have happened without innovation, design, engineering & manufacturing talent and resources based in the UK.

"Great event, great organisation and logistics with an awesome result! It was fantastic to be a part of such an inspiring day, thanks for sharing the experience with us and well done to you and all your team. Can't wait for next year!"
Company Director
"Absolutely Blew us away! It was the most exciting trip ever. Our Students really enjoyed the event; it gave a lot of food for thought and has stimulated a lot of questions. Thanks for all your hard work put us on the list for next year please!"
Secondary School Teacher
"I attended the event last year with my son who on the day networked with different companies offering apprenticeships, we found it a very positive experience my son is now in his seventh month as an apprentice at Sheffield Forgemasters"

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