work-wise Chairman Communication

It is with deep regret that, given Government guidance and the continuing circumstances around Coronavirus – Covid 19, we must inform you that Get up to Speed with STEM, planned to take place at Magna on 25th March 2020 is being cancelled.

Working alongside key partners and supporters in light of the interactive hands on nature of Get up to Speed, the volume of people attending, potential risk this poses and duty of care in not spreading the virus, it is agreed that this the most appropriate course of action to take.

As most of you are aware work-wise is a small charity so the many kind comments and generous support received are sincerely appreciated. I would like also to acknowledge the hard work John, Janice and a huge team of dedicated partners and contributors have put into planning and organising the event. Whilst hugely disappointing for all concerned, we hope you will understand we have no choice given the current circumstances

Thank you and please be reassured that Get up to Speed with STEM will be back – on 24th March 2021 !

Chris Hudson MBE

Chair of Trustees

The work-wise Foundation

Wednesday 24th March 2021, 9.30am - 5pm

Free (over 3000 people attended in 2019)

Get up to Speed with STEM is a chance to see some of the UK's most exciting science, technology & engineering inventions, and meet the people who design, build and operate them! Speak to a host of businesses, inventors, apprentices and education providers on the future of these industries, at this showcase event, all free of charge!