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Year 8 and Year 9 students got up to speed at the Magna Science Park STEM event on Wednesday 18th April, 2018. It was a chance to see some of the UK’s most exciting science, technology and engineering inventions…

The trip was very successful; the students enjoyed themselves thoroughly as well as learning about the variety of local jobs available in technology and engineering.


Seeing (and hearing) the McLaren Super-Car

Students got to meet the Rotherham-based engineers involved with producing the super-car’s “skeleton” – a carbon fibre monocage – as well as seeing a showcase of their latest materials technology that makes them pioneers in the field.

Building models of the Thrust SSC land speed record challenger

We’re sure that our super-sleek Bloodhound models could travel pretty fast with the help of a big hill and the right encouragement. The real Bloodhound SSC will be test-driven to 500mph at the Hakseen Pan track in South Africa later in 2018. Once ground speed goes past 400mph, it’s all about aerodynamics rather than contact with the floor, hence the rocket-like exterior.

Using a flight simulator to successfully land a Vulcan Bomber

Left a bit… right a bit… The controls were beyond sensitive, but it was a lot of fun and a brilliant experience, even for those watching everything on the screen. Our respect to the pilots who fly this iconic delta-wing jet for a living… it’s a lot harder than you think!

Mr Woffenden winning the Screwball Scramble challenge!

The mechanical game from the 1980s. Players had to guide the ball by using various buttons, dials and levers that affect parts of the course. Challengers had to complete the course in the fastest time, with the winner taking home £50 of book vouchers. Mr Woffenden, of course, has plans to spend this voucher on STEM books for the school.

Mr Woffenden attributes his Screwball Scramble success to a lot of childhood practice;

“There wasn’t much else to do growing up in Rotherham in the 1980s!”

Abhi Sehjal (Year 9) especially enjoyed the Rolls Royce stand;

“I got to build a scale model of a jet engine and spoke to the staff about getting a Rolls Royce apprenticeship, which would be my dream job.”

In all, it was a brilliant day! We got to see some of the UK’s best innovations first hand, heard from and talked to the people involved, and learnt about future technology. It is an exciting time for our young engineers, with so many great opportunities in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Manufacturing sectors. It really makes us wonder what they’ll come up with next…

More about the ‘Get up to Speed with STEM’ event

This annual event is designed for young people, their families and teachers to see some of the UK’s best innovations first hand, hear from and talk to those involved in their success and learn about the future of the sector and its evolution through technology.

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